Centre for Agro-entrepreneurship & Sustainable Livelihoods Trust

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The project is a youth and women farmers incubation, training and capacity building initiative. It aims to facilitate creation of collaborative, efficient and commercially viable agricultural ventures that will develop and sustain the agricultural and food production value chain system. The incubation centre will offer youth and women farmers these services and facilities;

1. Access to information, knowledge and technology through agribusiness, entrepreneurship, skills training and capacity building.
2. They will be trained on financial literacy and management services. We will facilitate access to funding, impact financing, seed capital management, networking and crowd-funding.
3. During training and incubation period we will facilitate access to land, farming infrastructure and equipment.
4. We will facilitate domestic and export markets for our trainees and graduates.

5. Collaborative, co-working and co-creating. The trainees will be availed to co-working space with computers andinternet. They will be assisted with company registration, partnerships and collaborations.


ECO-CONNECT (Ecological Connect) we are a social food processing company dedicated to giving the best value for your money through offering a well packaged product portfolio of dehydrated, nutritious, natural and affordable food. We are glad to be a recipient of the Green Innovators Award Zimbabwe 2018 by SNV Zimbabwe, UNICEF and Swedish Embassy Zimbabwe.
Our product portfolio consists of,
1. Natural food powders produced from dried fruits, vegetables and trees.
2. Dried natural fruits and vegetables.
3. Natural and herbal teas.

We use sustainable and cost-effective post-harvest and food value addition techniques to reduce food wastage, loss and reduce greenhouse gases emissions in rural areas. 


We are working with various groups of smallholder farmers, youths, women and people living with HIV/AIDS. We are setting up solar dyers in rural villages, buying agricultural produce from smallholder farmers and community groups, solar dry it, package and sell under our brand name ECO-CONNECT


Funded by GEF-SGP/UNDP Zimbabwe this community-based climate-smart resource centre aims to empower the community with training facilities, demonstration kits and infrastructure. The project seeks to capacitate smallholder farmers towards sustainable agriculture, poverty eradication, environment protection and employment creation. Mvurwi community is a predominantly a farming community. Close to 99% of the farmers are smallholder farmers. While the farmers are eager and have great soil with which to work, they often lack entrepreneurial and technical agriculture skills, information, sustainable markets, and capital. We assists smallholder and family farmers with special attention being given to young farmers and women farmers.

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Tree Today, Forest Tomorrow promotes community afforestation and reforestation programmes by establishing at least one community woodlot annually. It advocates for the mainstreaming of climate change in all community development programmes and promotes biodiversity conservation by encouraging tree planting activities.


Mvurwi is a farming community dependent on climate-sensitive, smallholder and family agriculture. The area receives erratic and inadequate rainfall due to climate change, causing  deforestation, destruction of wetlands and other natural resources.


We  implement the project in collaboration with the community, Mvurwi Town Council, Action 24, Friends of the Environment, Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate, Ministry of Youth Development, Chief Makope and Ministry of Education.